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ERA.Net RUS Plus – Call for Evaluators 2017

Do you have experience in European-Russian research cooperation? Are you interested in the evaluation of 'S&T' and 'innovation' projects? ERA.Net RUS Plus is looking for independent experts to participate in the evaluation of the ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017. Check, if you have the required skills and register yourself in the expert database.


We are looking for experienced scientists and researchers, who are interested in supporting the peer review of applications submitted in response to the ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017.

ERA.Net RUS Plus is an FP7 initiative aiming at promoting a unified European approach to collaborating with Russia in the fields of innovation and science & technology research.

Within the ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017, a Joint Call for 'S&T projects' has just been published, a Joint Call for 'Innovation projects' is scheduled to open in summer 2017.

The following topics are supported under the ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017 for S&T projects:

  1. Nanotechnologies
    1.1 Advanced nano-sensors for environment and health
    1.2 Novel functional nanomaterials based on design and modelling
  2. Environment/Climate Change
    2.1 Impact of climate change and extreme climate events on the environment
    2.2 Prevention and remediation of pollution of aquatic systems
  3. Health
    3.1 Regenerative medicine, biomaterials and organ-on-a-chip-systems
    3.2 Drug discovery for cancer, cardiovascular and infectious diseases
  4. Social Sciences and the Humanities
    4.1 Demography, conflicts and security issues
    4.2 Traditional and non-traditional cultural values
    4.3 Opportunities for and challenges to regional development and social cohesion
  5. Robotics
    5.1 Robotics Design and Human-Robot Interaction
    5.2 Robots in agriculture, medicine, industry, maritime and education

The funding line 'Innovation' will be theme-open.

Countries that are participating in the ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017 (call lines 'S&T' and 'Innovation') are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Required Skills

In order to serve as evaluator in the call, you must have proven experience in one or more of the following areas or activities:

  • Management or evaluation of S&T projects;
  • International cooperation in science and technology; development of human resources;
  • Publication(s) with international co-authorship included in WOS or SCOPUS;
  • Technology transfer and innovation.

Appropriate skill in the usage of the English language is mandatory.

Knowledge of and experience in European-Russian research collaboration is considered an advantage towards selection as evaluator.

Evaluation Framework

The tentative period for the evaluation of proposals is August – September 2017 (S&T) and October – November 2017 (Innovation).

Proposals will be in English language and about 25 pages long (Proposals). We offer a remuneration of 50 € for each evaluation.

Selected peer reviewers will receive access to an online evaluation system and to the respective documents. Evaluation will be conducted remotely, with no subsequent physical peer reviewers meeting.

Registration as Evaluator

In order to become an evaluator for the ERA.Net RUS Plus Joint Call for Proposals, you need to register yourself in the PT-Expertdatabase.

PT-Expertdatabase is a database of evaluators which is used to facilitate the assessment of proposals for research projects from transnational S&T calls. Currently more than 5000 evaluators from more than 60 countries are registered in the PT-Expertdatabase. It has already facilitated the implementation of numerous joint calls in regional ERA.Nets, i.e. BLACK SEA ERA.NET, ERA.NET RUS, SEE-ERA.NET PLUS and many others.

PT-Expertdatabase is being maintained by the coordinator of the ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017:

logo of the DLR Project Management Agency

European and International Cooperation


Joint Call Secretariat

Dr. Karin Kiewisch
DLR Project Management Agency
European and International Cooperation
E-mail: karin.kiewisch@dlr.de

Mr. Yaroslav Sorokotyaga
Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR)
E-mail: ysorokot@rfbr.ru


Download the above information in PDF format


  • Call Flyer 2017

    [PDF - 1.89 MB]

    cover page call flyer

     (URL: http://www.bmbf.de/_media/ERANet_RUS_Plus_Call_2017_Flyer.pdf)

  • Call Flyer 2014

    [PDF - 2.02 MB]

     (URL: http://www.bmbf.de/_media/ERANet_RUS_Plus_Flyer_for_web_Aug_2016.pdf)

  • ERA.Net RUS & Funded Projects 2012

    [PDF - 3.37 MB]

    This brochure showcases all projects funded under the Pilot Joint Call, which was implemented by the predecessor project ERA.Net RUS. (URL: http://www.bmbf.de/_media/ERANet-RUS_2012_final_web.pdf)


  • Dr Jörn Grünewald

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