ERA.Net RUS (2009-2013) Archives

On the following pages you will find information about ERA.Net RUS (2009-2013), the predecessor project of the ERA.Net RUS Plus initiative. ERA.Net RUS was the first joint call activity in which prominent Russian Funding Parties (RAS, RFBR, RFH and FASIE) were jointly participating in a multilateral funding scheme.
  • Partners

    The ERA.Net RUS consortium included 20 prominent institutes from 10 countries, 13 partners from EU Members States and Associated Countries, 1 partner from the European Commission, and 6 partners from Russia. The Coordinator of the project was the International Bureau of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which is part of the Project Management Agency at the German Aerospace Center.
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  • Project Objectives

    The ERA.Net RUS project contributed to the success of the European Research Area (ERA) by improving the coherence and coordination across Europe of international S&T cooperation programmes with Russia. The project focus was on exploring options for linking bilateral S&T programmes in a variable geometry.
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  • Project Structure

    ERA.Net RUS defined six work packages (WP), which were led by different consortium partners.
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  • Pilot Joint Calls (closed)

    In the framework of the ERA.NET-RUS project, two Pilot Joint Calls of programme owners in Russia and the EU Member States/ Associated Countries to FP7 were launched: A Pilot Joint Call in Innovation Projects and a Pilot Joint Call in Collaborative S&T Projects. Profiles of potential partners are available online for the Pilot Joint Call for Collaborative S&T Projects.
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  • Documents

    A selection of public ERA.Net RUS deliverables and other project publications as well as some general information material about EU-Russian S&T cooperation
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  • News Archive

    Information on EU-Russia science and technology cooperation related to the ERA.Net RUS project.
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  • Events Archive

    Information about events that were organised or attended by the ERA.Net RUS project and related documents.
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