Pilot Joint Calls (closed)

In the framework of the ERA.NET-RUS project, two Pilot Joint Calls of programme owners in Russia and the EU Member States/ Associated Countries to FP7 were launched: A Pilot Joint Call in Innovation Projects and a Pilot Joint Call in Collaborative S&T Projects. Profiles of potential partners are available online for the Pilot Joint Call for Collaborative S&T Projects.
  • Innovation Projects

    On July 20/21, 2011, the Meeting of the "Group of Funding Parties" for the Pilot Joint Call "Innovation" took place in Frankfurt, Germany. The Group of Funding Parties decided to fund eleven projects.
    [more] (URL: http://www.bmbf.de/en/177.php)
  • Collaborative S&T Projects

    The Group of Funding Parties (GFP) of the Pilot Joint Call on Collaborative S&T Projects selected the 31 projects listed below for funding. The Joint Call Secretariat (JCS) received a total of 183 eligible project proposals, a tremendous response to the Pilot Joint Calls, which were the frst of their kind in EU-Russia research cooperation.
    [more] (URL: http://www.bmbf.de/en/175.php)


    Pilot Joint Calls (closed)

    This brochure highlights the outcome of ERA.Net RUS and portrays 13 of the 42 projects funded as a result of the Pilot Joint Calls in detail. All funded projects (31 collaborative S&T projects and 11 innovation projects) are listed. The brochure also provides an overview of the ERA.Net RUS project activities and the involved parties. Click 'more' to download the PDF (52 pages, 3.36 MB).



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