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Database on "Programmes supporting S&T cooperation between EU MS/AC, Russia and countries of the Black Sea region in basic and applied/innovation-oriented research"
While the major objective of the project is linking Russia to the ERA (European Research Area) through coordination of joint S&T programmes, a database was designed in close cooperation with the Black Sea ERA-Net to serve this mission in terms of provision of detailed, comprehensive and up to date information on S&T programmes providing support for cooperation of researchers in EU MS/AC and countries of the Black Sear region with each other.


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  • ERA.Net RUS & Funded Projects 2012

    [PDF - 3.37 MB]

    This brochure showcases all projects funded under the Pilot Joint Call, which was implemented by the predecessor project ERA.Net RUS. (URL: http://www.bmbf.de/_media/ERANet-RUS_2012_final_web.pdf)

  • Call Flyer 2014

    [PDF - 2.02 MB]

    (call closed, info does not apply to the current call) (URL: http://www.bmbf.de/_media/ERANet_RUS_Plus_Flyer_for_web_Aug_2016.pdf)

  • Overview of EU-Russia R&D and Innovation Cooperation

    [PDF - 1.13 MB]

    (Foresight Background Paper 2013) (URL: http://www.bmbf.de/_media/Overview_of_EU-Russia_RnD_and_Innovation_Cooperation.pdf)


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