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  • Joint Calls 2017

    Cooperation in innovation, research and development is a key dimension in the relations between the European Union and Russia. In this context ERA.Net RUS Plus in 2014 first implemented a Joint Call for transnational and scientifically excellent research projects in two funding lines. The second call in 2017 continued the support of ‘S&T Projects’ in the fields of Nanotechnologies, Health, Environment/Climate Change, Social Sciences & Humanities and Robotics as well as the support of ‘Innovation Projects’.
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  • 25.11.2013 - 27.11.2013 | Moscow

    Official launch of the ERA.Net RUS Plus initiative on 27 November 2013

    Embedded in a joint row of events, which marked the start of the EU-Russia Year of Science 2014, the ERA.Net RUS Plus initiative was launched on 27 November in Moscow. On 26 November the project organised a 'Vision' conference on the future of EU-Russia cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation.
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  • | published in August 2013

    ERA-LEARN newsletter features the ERA.Net RUS Plus intitiative

    An article in ERA-LEARN newsletter Vol 5 is dedicated to the start of the ERA.Net RUS Plus initiative. Click 'more' for a compact overview of the projects goals and the intended tools to reach them.
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  • | published in February 2013

    Overview of EU-Russia Research, Development and Innovation Cooperation

    A foresight exercise conducted by ERA.Net RUS prepared structural and thematic scenarios for R&D and innovation cooperation between EU Member States (MS), Associated Countries (AC) to FP7 and Russia. The foresight and the resulting scenarios are meant to provide a basis for a sustainable joint funding programme between EU MS/AC and Russia. Click 'more' to download the PDF.
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  • | published in October 2012

    ERA.Net RUS – A spotlight on funded projects 2012

    This brochure highlights the outcome of ERA.Net RUS and portrays 13 of the 42 projects funded as a result of the Pilot Joint Calls in detail. All funded projects (31 collaborative S&T projects and 11 innovation projects) are listed. The brochure also provides an overview of the ERA.Net RUS project activities and the involved parties. Click 'more' to download the PDF (52 pages, 3.36 MB).
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