Project Structure

ERA.Net RUS defined six work packages (WP), which were led by different consortium partners.

WP 1: Preparing the analytical ground for coordinating EU MS´/AC´ S&T and innovation programmes towards Russia or with Russian programme owners (ZSI)

Building on previous and ongoing analytical work carried out within various European projects (SCOPE-EAST, RUSERA-EXE, GLOBAL-SSH, IncoNet EECA, BILAT-RUS etc.), the aim of this WP is to gather and analyse information on various programmes supporting S&T cooperation between public and private institutions from EU MS/AC and Russia and to establish a common database on programmes and a respective database on collaborative S&T projects of institutions from EU MS/AC and Russia.

WP2: Developing and disseminating a concept for a coordination of activities of S&T and innovation programme owners in EU MS/AC and Russia (AKA)

This work package is designed to lay the basis for the implementation of joint activities (Pilot Joint Call, WP 3) and the planning of a sustainable Programme (WP 4). WP 2 aims at increasing the efficiency of present S&T and innovation programmes implemented by institutions in EU-MS/AC (and Russia) towards or with Russia through mutual learning between programme owners, through raising the scientific capacities on project level through wider (multilateral) networking and through avoiding duplications of scientific work.

WP3: Preparing, Implementing and Assessing a Pilot Joint Call (CNRS)

This WP draws upon the knowledge and decisions generated under WP 2 (concept development). It is also a test-bed for WP 4. The core element of this WP is to implement a “Pilot Joint Call (PJC)” of interested programme owners from inside and/ or outside the ERA-NET consortium. The joint funding activity will address dedicated common S&T priorities and will be implemented through joint international peer review and decision making and joint or at least coordinated funding scheme(s).

WP4: Developing, Disseminating and Promoting a Sustainable Programme (TUBITAK)

Reflecting on the outcome of the Pilot Joint Call and building on a targeted foresight exercise, a sustainable joint programme with Russia will be developed and promoted in WP4. The sustainable programme will be described in a “Vision Paper”, which will include both strategic and operational recommendations addressed to policy makers and programme owners. An accompanying “Plan of Action” will be produced to define concrete joint activities and to set in detail the agenda of a possible follow-up to the Pilot Joint Call.

WP5: Information Dissemination, Communication and Links (DLR)

WP 5 is designed as a horizontal activity vis-à-vis all other work packages. It aims at ensuring an optimal structure for internal and external communication as well as information and knowledge management. A dissemination strategy will be developed and a dialogue with relevant projects, initiatives and organizations will be set up.

WP6: Project Coordination and Management (DLR)

The project management is committed and obliged to secure a coherent development of the ERA-NET project over its lifetime, to support a smooth interface between the work packages and to run the management at the project level. This WP comprises the overall financial, administrative and legal management of the project as well as quality assurance of the projects activities.


  • ERA.Net RUS Flyer

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    (ERA.Net RUS info leaflet 2009-2013) (URL:

  • ERA.Net RUS & Funded Projects 2012

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    This brochure showcases all projects funded under the Pilot Joint Call, which was implemented by the predecessor project ERA.Net RUS. (URL:


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