Project Objectives

The ERA.Net RUS project contributed to the success of the European Research Area (ERA) by improving the coherence and coordination across Europe of international S&T cooperation programmes with Russia. The project focus was on exploring options for linking bilateral S&T programmes in a variable geometry.


The major objectives of the project ERA.Net RUS were:

  • Raising knowledge on bilateral and national S&T programmes with or towards Russia and on relevant activities of other programme owners
  • Identifying common ground across bilateral S&T programmes of MS/AC with Russia and providing a basis for a joint programmatic approach
  • Learning lessons from ongoing (thematic) ERA-NETs involving Russian programme owners and identifying good practice from other international ERA-NETs
  • Developing an appropriate instrumental setting for joint funding activities
  • Testing a scenario and learning lessons from a pilot joint call 
  • Developing and promoting a sustainable joint programme with Russia

The objectives of the project were reached by:

  • Implementation of a knowledge based dialogue between programme owners in EU    MS/ AC and Russia 
  • Identification of options for joint funding activities of particular benefit for programme owners in EU MS/ AC and develop respective implementation scenarios
  • Implementation of a PILOT JOINT CALL of interested programme owners in EU MS/AC and Russia from inside and outside the project consortium and assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the joint funding scheme. 
  • Development of a sustainable S&T (and or innovation) programme to be agreed upon by interested programme owners from EU MS/AC and Russia.

Project impact

 ERA.Net RUS  

  • further emphasised the significance of the EU-Russian partnership and helped to reach a new level in EU-Russian S&T cooperation by improving the coherence and coordination of European scientific cooperation with Russia and the complementarities between MS/AC and Community activities. 
  • reduced fragmentation of activities towards S&T cooperation between EU MS/AC and Russia. 
  • contributed to strengthening the international dimension of the European Research Area. 
  • helped to widen the ERA`s trans-national approach on S&T cooperation, with benefits for European and Russian S&T communities, policy-makers, economies and societies.




  • ERA.Net RUS Flyer

    [PDF - 776.6 kB]

    (ERA.Net RUS info leaflet 2009-2013) (URL:

  • ERA.Net RUS & Funded Projects 2012

    [PDF - 3.37 MB]

    This brochure showcases all projects funded under the Pilot Joint Call, which was implemented by the predecessor project ERA.Net RUS. (URL:


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