A selection of public ERA.Net RUS deliverables and other project publications as well as some general information material about EU-Russian S&T cooperation

Project Deliverables (reports, analyses, databases etc.)

Analytical report:
The Russian S&T system

Analytical report:
The Russian S&T funding system from the perspective of international cooperation

Analytical report:
State of the art and perspectives of bilateral S&T programmes between EU MS/AC and Russia

Analytical report:
Experiences from Russian participation in ERA-NETs and from ongoing international ERA-NETs

Concluding report on:  
Opportunities and Needs for advanced cooperation of S&T and innovation programme owners in EU MS/AC and Russia 

Concept for a database of programmes:
Programmes supporting S&T cooperation between EU MS/AC and Russia

Database of International S&T projects of institutions in EU MS/AC and Russia:
Bilateral projects Multilateral projects 

Discussion Paper Foresight:
Overview of EU-Russia R&D and Innovation Cooperation 

Please note: The reports published on this website have to be considered as Prepublication Copies - they are subject to further editorial correction

Project abstract, flyers and brochures

Project Flyer

Broschure of the EU-COM on all ERA.Net projects 

Fact Sheet about the project, May 2010 (English)

Fact Sheet about the project, May 2009 (Russian)

Fact Sheet by the EU-COM 

Documents related to EU-Russian S&T cooperation

European Community-Russia Scientific and Technological Cooperation- A roadmap for Action 2009-2011

Agreement on cooperation in science and technology between the EU and Russia, October 1999

Renewel of the S&T Agreement, November 2003

Roadmap of the Four Common Spaces, May 2003

Country report Russia of the CREST OMC Working Group, December 2008

Documents related to Russian participation in FP7

Presentation by the European Commission on "SICAs: FP7 instruments for international cooperation" with general information on International Cooperation in FP7, on the Capacities INCO instrument and an overview of all SICAs and other instruments open for the partcipation of third countries in the 2010 work programme of FP7.

Link to presentation

Presentations Financial and Administrative Workshop, 26-27 May 2010, Moscow

FP7 - General info and legal issues Link to presentation

Consortium Agreement Link to presentation

Financial Aspects Link to presentation

Subcontract Link to presentation

Reporting / Certificates / Audit Link to presentation

Changes to the Grant Agreement / Amendment Link to presentation

Quiz Link to presentation

Accounting Tool & Table Nature Costs Template Link to presentation

Table Nature Costs Template Link to presentation

Personnel Costs Template Link to presentation


  • ERA.Net RUS Flyer

    [PDF - 776.6 kB]

    (ERA.Net RUS info leaflet 2009-2013) (URL:

  • ERA.Net RUS & Funded Projects 2012

    [PDF - 3.37 MB]

    This brochure showcases all projects funded under the Pilot Joint Call, which was implemented by the predecessor project ERA.Net RUS. (URL:


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